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Hailun and Cline Piano Review

         Welcome to MusicMasters: Austin's Exclusive Acoustic Piano Store™. We sell new Hailun, Brodmann, Perzina, Kingsburg, Hallet, Davis & Co., and premium used Yamaha, Kawai, Petrof, Steinway pianos at our Piano Showroom in Austin, Texas.

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         We have sold used Yamaha and Kawai pianos in Austin since 1989. However, finding them in good condition (at a fair price) has become increasing difficult. To better serve our clients, we took the initiative and found a better solution: Premium new Hailun and Cline pianos for little more than the cost of our used pianos.
         The response has been spectacular: Hailun piano owners love their pianos! Hailun has dethroned Yamaha and Kawai and earned the 2012 MMR Acoustic Piano Line of the Year and the 2013 MMR Acoustic Piano Line of the Year awards two years in a row. This, coupled with a CPSS (Customer Product Satisfaction Standard) of 99.6%, means that Hailun is unsurpassed in customer satisfaction.

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WHO IS HAILUN PIANO? (Excerpt from the 2012 Piano Buyer, Larry Fine - Editor)
         Hailun (pronounced HI-Lun) "... is a little different from most of the other Chinese companies selling pianos in the U.S. Its founder and owner, Chen Hailun, is an entrepreneur in the Western style, and deeply involved in every aspect of the business. Originally a maker of molds for industrial use, Chen got into the piano business when piano manufacturers started to use his services to make piano parts. In 1998 he bought out the government’s position in his company to better control quality and hiring decisions.
         While modern manufacturing methods are fully utilized, the factory also uses a large amount of skilled manual labor. Chen seeks out the best workers by paying considerably higher wages than other piano makers in China, he says, and provides an in-depth training program for his workers, conducted by piano builders and technicians from the U.S. and Europe. He also assists in the training of future piano technicians through an association with a local university. His greatest aspiration, Chen says, is to make the best piano in Asia.
         Over the years, much of Chen's technical efforts have gone into maximizing the precision and stability of the pianos and parts his company makes. This is evidenced by the substantial investment in computer-controlled machinery used for precision cutting; the design of keys, keybeds, and other parts to resist warping; and the fact that grand piano actions are actually interchangeable between instruments of the same model (this requires an unusually high level of precision). The pianos themselves exhibit good quality control and intelligence in design. In terms of materials, the company uses maple in grand piano rims, a feature indicative of higher quality and arguably necessary for the best sound. In 2011, the company began sourcing its own supply of the highest-quality Austrian spruce, and plans to make its own soundboards with this spruce for select piano models. Piano Buyer's reviewers have tried out several Hailun grands (see reviews in the Fall 2009, Fall 2010, and Fall 2011 issues) and have been impressed with their musicality."

Hailun HG-161Hailun HG-178Hailun HG-198

         Hailun pianos offer a number of unique features at a reasonable price. In addition to having an industry leading PAS (Permanent Action Stability) keyboard in their vertical models, all Hailun pianos use premium Wet Sand Cast Plates, German Würzen Co. cold pressed hammers with mahogany moldings, genuine ebony sharps, and wood core (not partical board/MDF) cases. Larger Hailun verticals and all grand models feature true duplex scaling and agraffe bass. Hailun's Flagship 52" HU7P vertical offers a full size music desk, true sostenuto, and duplex scaling for less than a standard Yamaha U3. As and added bonus, all Hailun grand pianos come with a genuine leather adjustable artist bench, and all Hailun grand pianos are built with an integrated pneumatic lid lift system (HLPS) that lets users open their piano's lid safely with a single finger.
         Hailun piano owners receive an industry-leading 15-Year Transferrable Warranty (which enhances resale value). Hailun's warranty also includes a limited lifetime plate and action warranty to the original owner. This, coupled with their Dream Assurance guarantee to replace any Hailun piano within 60 days of purchase, makes Hailun's warranty one of the best in the business.

Hailun HG-218

         Hailun's list prices range from about $8,374 for their least expensive 46" HU-116 Institutional Studio model up to $52,885 for their most expensive 7',2" HG218 Paulello grand piano.
         However, we regularly offer "Preferred Pricing" discounts to Central Texas residents on all of our Hailun pianos. Additional "Seasonal" and "Group Discounts" may also apply. You can see our current Hailun Inventory.

         Acoustic pianos hold their value much better than digital instruments and, unlike Digital Pianos, can actually increase in value over time. Due to their superior quality and transferrable warranty, purchasing a new Hailun piano is an excellent investment with high resale value. They are an heirloom designed to serve your family for generations. Considering the quality materials used, design features and reputation, you will be hard-pressed to find a better value in a new or used piano anywhere.

         If you wish to learn more about Hailun pianos or wish to schedule a showing then please call us at (512) 301-3503 or email us via the form below:

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