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About Hallet, Davis Pianos
Model HD185C 6',1" Artist Grand Piano

Hallet, Davis' HD-185C is a beautiful Artist Grand piano that is available in Ebony Polish or Satin, or Mahogany Satin Finishes. Our HD-185C Ebony Polish shown below is brand new from the factory. It has been tuned, regulated, and prepped for sale.

This Imperial Collection piano isn't just a classic piece of furniture. At 6',1" this performs like a conservatory piano, yet it fits into a standard living room. It looks, feels, and performs very much like the old Kawai KG-3 series grand pianos.

As you can see by the HD-185 Series' Technical Specifications, Hallet, Davis & Co. Imperial Grand Pianos offer an unmatched set of features for the price, including Premium German Abel Hammers, All Wood Action (no plastic parts) with Aluminum Rails, Solid Spruce Soundboard, Roslau Strings, Double Brass Rail Duplex Scale, Slow-Close Fallboard, Locking Lid, and Full Sostenuto.

This is a extremely well built piano that is a joy to play and service. Fit and Finish are superb. The action just glides out of the piano for easy adjustments. This HD-185C's action is very graceful and offers a moderate touch, but has a warm tone with lots of sustain that is very versatile and suitable for all settings. It comes with a beautiful matching Ebony Polish Artist Bench.

MSRP $19,595*

Contact us to schedule a showing and get our unbeatable discount price which includes normal local Austin, Texas delivery, two on-site tunings, and a 10-Year Limited Warranty. Stairs and Out-of-Town Delivery cost extra. We accept all Major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) on our new Hallet Davis Pianos at no additional cost.

Call Brian Henselman at (512) 301-3503 for details or send us an email if you have any questions.

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