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Kawai BL-51: 50" Professional Studio Upright Piano
Serial # 1130534 c.1980

Kawai's BL-51 is an outstanding Professional Studio piano. Our BL-51 pictured below is from one of Kawai's best eras. It has been tuned, regulated, and polished for sale.

This High Gloss Polished Ebony piano is in superb mechanical and cosmetic condition and plays beautifully. At 50" tall, this a well balanced piano that is ideal for a room with hard surface flooring (wood, concrete, tile).

BL-51's feature a more elegant case than the TP or NS series, but still offers a traditional flip down music desk. This BL-51's action is moderately firm in touch with a warm tone.

This is a extremely clean piano with absolutely no wear. It has a factory installed practice mute and even includes a new duet bench.

COMPARE (New today) approximately $12,000. Our price included normal local Austin, Texas delivery, a single on-site tuning, and a five-year MusicMasters parts and labor warranty.

Call Brian Henselman at (512) 301-3503 for details or send us an email if you have any questions.

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