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Kawai KG-8C: 9' Concert Grand
Serial # 741303 c.1974

9' concert grands are unique and highly treasured hand-built pianos for use in concert halls and recording studios. Our Kawai KG-8C concert grand shown below is no exception.

This Kawai concert grand is in excellent condition. It has been restrung, and it's rebuilt action features new Renner Premium Blue hammers, shanks, flanges, and dampers. It's touch has been reweighted and regulated to be fast but firm.

This piano feels like a new piano and is a real treat to play. It has a big Kawai sound but isn't harsh. It has an especially nice tenor range. It is currently voiced for studio recording yet its new Renner hammers have plenty of power for public concerts.

This piano has been well maintained. Unlike most commercial concert grands, this pianos' original ebony satin finish is in really good condition and makes a beautiful showpiece for a formal living room, church sanctuary, or concert hall.

This piano includes a new adjustable artist bench, local Austin delivery, on-site concert tuning and custom voicing, and a five-year MusicMasters Piano Service parts and labor warranty. Stairs, Out-of-Town Delivery, and Credit Cards extra.

COMPARE (New today) $167,495. Call Brian Henselman at (512) 301-3503 for details or send us an email if you have any questions.

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