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Kingsburg Piano Review

Kingsburg Pianos

Quality Affordable International Pianos
         Welcome to MusicMasters: Austin's Exclusive Acoustic Piano Store™. We sell new Hailun, Brodmann, Perzina, Kingsburg, Hallet, Davis & Co., and used premium Yamaha, Kawai, Petrof, Steinway pianos at our Piano Showroom in Austin, Texas.

         We have sold premium imported used Yamaha and Kawai pianos in Austin since 1989. However, as their availability has dwindled, we now offer an even better alternative for our clients: High Quality imported Kingsburg pianos for roughly the same cost of our former used pianos.

Kingsburg KU-120 EPNKingsburg KU-120cKingsburg KU-125 EP

         Kingsburg pianos are a blend of German design (Klaus Fenner), high-quality components (American, German, and Japanese), and Japanese technical oversight. Kingsburg pianos are known for their "floating" soundboard designs which provide exceptional bass clarity and sustain in a compact space.
         Founded in 1988, Kingsburg's Piano Factory, located in Yantai, China, provides an ideal climate, geography, and highly-skilled workforce (See Video). With an annual production of roughly 5,000 pianos, Yantai Kingsburg continually refines their pianos through improved designs and modern machinery.
         China has become the world's largest producer of pianos. Every major manufacturer now builds pianos in China including Baldwin, Bechstein, Kawai, Perzina, Schimmel, Steinway, Yamaha, Young Chang and numerous smaller companies. Over 50% of all pianos produced today come from China, and 1/3 of all new U.S. pianos sales are from pianos built in China.
         Klaus Fenner, designer for Yamaha, Baldwin, Seiler, and numerous other brands, designed all of the current Kingsburg models. Kingsburg (known for having built the Perzina pianos and others) uses only the finest materials. They also utilitizes senior Hamamatsu (Japanese) Piano Technicians to insure meticulous voicing and regulation of each piano prior to boxing and shipment to the US.

Kingsburg KU-125 MPKingsburg KU-133Kingsburg KG-185 EP

         A quick overview/review of Kingsburg pianos reveals that they are high quality instruments that offer an exceptional set of features that competes with pianos that cost much more. All Kingsburg pianos feature Solid Alaskan Sitka Spruce Soundboards. Kingsburg pianos also feature Premium German Abel Hammers, Klaus Fenner Scaling, Rosslau Piano Wire, and French-Wrapped Bass Strings. They also offer Reverse Torque Tuning Pins, and Japanese- made All Wood Action Parts (No Plastic) mounted to aluminum rails.
         Kingsburg's Model KU-120 features a slender 23 inch profile, while their larger KU-125 and KU-133 models offer slow-close fallboards and full-size music desks. All of their Studio Uprights ultilize an easy to remove (no tools required) practice mute, and cam/spring practice mute pedal (does not require shifting). Overall, their build quality is very good. Fit and Finish are excellent (especially in the wood tone cabinets, which is rare elsewhere).
         These pianos arrive extremely well prepped and packaged: They are tuned to A-440, are in perfect regulation, and voiced very evenly and consistently throughout each register. They also include a generous owner's care package which includes an owner's manual, case care kit, castor cups, key cover felt, and a piano cover for your new piano.

         We offer flexible RTO (Rent to Own) terms and/or additional cash, group, or seasonal discounts to Central Texas residents on all of our Kingsburg pianos. You can see our current Kingsburg Inventory.

         Acoustic pianos hold their value much better than digital instruments and, unlike Digital Pianos, can actually increase in value over time. Because Kingsburg's quality is very high and they are sold only through established dealerships, we believe that they offer good resale value.

         All Kingsburg Pianos receive a factory 12-Year Limited Warranty. In addition to the factory warranty, all MusicMasters "Professional-Grade" pianos include our own 5-Year Limited Warranty.
         Exceptions: Normal wear and maintenance, (i.e. tuning) is not warranteed. Because we personally perform all warranty work, this is a local, Austin-Area only warranty. Abuse, improper use, or improper maintenance invalidates any warranties implied or expressed.

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