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Lesson Protocols

Please be prompt for lessons. We recommend arriving five minutes prior to your scheduled lesson time. Please park on the street in front of our home, or in a space provided in our store parking lot. Please do not block our driveway nor use the driveway for drop-offs or turnarounds. All students and visitors to our home are asked to remove and leave their shoes outside on the front porch and enter the studio quietly. Students are asked to wear socks indoors and to wash their hands before each lesson.

Please do not bring snacks, food, candy, nor drinks into our studio or showroom. We provide the use of our covered front porch for snacks and/or discussion. Siblings must be attended to by parents throughout the lesson and are expected to be quiet at all times. Families are welcome to visit the park just behind our home for recreation. However, children should always be supervised when playing outside, especially in the park.

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