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Yamaha U3-MS: 52" Professional Studio Upright

U3's are one of Yamaha's top-of-the-line studio upright. This beautiful Yamaha U3-MS has been tuned, regulated, voiced and polished for optimal performance.

We have serviced this beautiful High Gloss Polished Ebony piano since 1989. It is in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. Unlike used Graymarket U3's typical found on eBay or even local vendors, this U3-MS is a genuine U.S. Market U3.

This piano has an extremely responsive action and its tone is very smooth with an especially good bass. Graymarket U3's have a mute/middle pedal whereas this has a factory installed grand piano sostenuto middle pedal.

COMPARE (New today) $12,995 full retail. Our Price $5,495 (plus tax) includes normal local Austin, Texas delivery, a single on-site tuning, original matching wood trimmed padded bench, and a five-year MusicMasters Piano Service parts and labor warranty.

Call Brian Henselman at (512) 301-3503 for details or send us an email if you have any questions.

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